Award Categories

Deadline: Friday 7th December 2018
Finalists Announced: Week commencing 28th January 2019
Winners Announced: 21st February 2019

Commitment to skills & people development

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Businesses that develop the skills, experience and abilities of their workforce see improved service delivery and employee performance resulting in a return on investment through increased efficiency and profitability.

The winner will be able to set out their policies and targets on staff satisfaction, training and development, absenteeism, equality and diversity and health and safety. They will also demonstrate the progress made towards these targets in the last year and the positive impact they have had on the business as a whole.

Success through innovation

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The generation of new ideas is critical to the success of any business. Businesses that innovate gain ground on their competitors, keep staff motivated and operate more efficiently. Innovation can be a key differentiator between market leaders and their rivals.

The winner will be able to clearly demonstrate a new initiative undertaken in the last two years. They will be able to explain the reasons behind the need for the initiative, the research undertaken to establish the best way forward, discuss their plans for implementing the change and evidence success.

Commitment to customer service

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Good customer service is an integral part of any successful business. Whether a company’s customers are consumers or mega-corporations, treating them with respect and care is one of the best ways to strengthen a company’s reputation and boost the bottom line.

The winning business will have implemented a new initiative to improve customer service in the last year with clear standards, an explanation of the steps taken to achieve them and details of the impact on the business.

Success through overseas trade

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Developing Wales’ export base, through more intensive and more first-time exporting is essential for long-term economic growth.
With this award we are recognising businesses that have expanded in to a new overseas market in the last two years and used this opportunity to innovate, develop products, grow and provide employment.

The winner of this award will be able to clearly demonstrate how they researched opportunities and the process they went through to find new customers or grow their existing overseas customer base including innovative marketing and making connections. They will also be able to show how sales have grown, products have been developed and how challenges were overcome.

Young entrepreneur of the year

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For the Welsh economy to continuously grow we need to be continuously developing new entrepreneurs.

With this award we will be recognising the young people who are successfully running their own business and have taken their business forward in the last year.

This award will be presented to someone aged between 16-30 who demonstrates entrepreneurial flair, exceptional vision and leadership.

Excellence in environmental management

Businesses need to play their part in developing an environmentally sustainable Wales. With this award we are recognising businesses that operate in a low-carbon, resource efficient and sustainable way with the aim of reducing their environmental impact as a whole.

This award will go to a business that can show how, over the last two years, it has reduced the use of energy and raw materials and increased the reuse, recycling and redirection of products and effluents to increase the span of their useful life. Consideration will also be given to initiatives to develop environmentally friendly products and services.

Growth business of the year

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Growing businesses are an important part of a successful economy for a number of reasons; they provide job security for staff, they help increase employment in the community and they positively impact on their whole supply chain.

This award will recognise the businesses, large or small, that can demonstrate marked growth in sales, profits, products offered or staff in the last 12 months. The winner will be able to describe the strategy they took to help them grow including research, preparation and implementation, plus they will demonstrate how growth in areas of the business has helped the business overall.

Excellence in marketing & communications

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Being able to stand out in a crowded market can make all the difference to the success of a business, especially when entering a new market or launching a new product.

This will be awarded to a business whose marketing campaign demonstrated an innovative and creative approach, achieved measurable results, irrespective of budget, and enabled the business to stand out.

Start-up business of the year

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Wales needs to foster a culture of entrepreneurship where new businesses are given the encouragement and support they need to grow and become a successful, sustainable business.
The award is open to businesses based in Wales that have been trading for less than 12 months (dated from first invoice sent) at 30 September 2016.

The winner of the award will be able to demonstrate a clear rationale for starting the business and in-depth market research. They will also need to show strong commercial performance and financial results since trading and demonstrate how they overcame any challenges faced. The successful business will also be able to explain their vision for the future and show potential for growth.

Excellence in community relations

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To make Wales a prosperous nation, businesses need to work with their communities to increase opportunities for local people and support the most vulnerable in society.

The successful business will be able to clearly demonstrate how they support the local community, help increase the employment opportunities of local people, particularly young people, and how they operate ethically and transparently. They will evidence how they treat their customers and suppliers fairly and manage the impact of products and services on vulnerable people and the community at large.